Thursday, October 6, 2011

Photographers Hunt Down Blue Mountain Beauty

While cell phones and Facebook have reduced popular photography to a few blurry snaps at the back of a restaurant, there are still artists out there committed to preserving the art of landscape photography. From scaling panoramic mountain vistas with heavy equipment to climbing into cave shots from below waterfalls, few artists fight for their art like landscape photographers. And few battlefields are as prominent in the landscape world as Sydney's Blue Mountains.

The Blue Mountains are a photographer's paradise. With traditional aussie wildlife—koalas, kangaroos—and scenic sandstone cliffs, shutterbugs have flocked to the region on Sydney day tours to get the best view, just before sunset. But hobbyists are not the only ones braving the Australian outback in search of the perfect snap. Blue Mountains tours have recently become a hot-spot for aspiring and professional photographers to scout out the perfect shot.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, professional photographers have been taking trips to the Blue Mountains to scout locations for professional shoots and photography classes. The article, published September 9th, follows Matt Lauder, a professional landscape photographer leading a class of digital-friendly photogs on a journey to find the perfect landscape shot. From editing tricks to color spectrum settings, Lauder shows his students how to take an average view and turn it into a detailed, multi-faceted photo fit for a frame.

The Blue Mountains have also become a popular location for destination weddings, as wedding photographers dazzle brides and grooms with sunset canyon photos. The Blue Mountains town of Leura is home to hundreds of boutique businesses—from hotels to the Leura Candy Store—that offer services to weddings. This, along with the breathtaking views, makes the Blue Mountains a perfect nook for pending nuptials.

Professional photographers look to set cameras for sunrise or sunset to capture the best natural lighting. For a picture-perfect Blue Mountains tour, check out our tour itinerary and ask one of our guides for the best views.


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Blue Mountains tours have recently photographers Sydney become a hot-spot for aspiring and professional photographers to scout out the perfect shot.


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